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Have a look at the categories and read through the full description. Remember you can enter as many categories as you like but you can only enter each once.

Click on the ‘ENTER’ button you’ll be taken through to our entry site. Follow the very simple registration instructions and you can start your entries.

Each category has a form to fill in and you can upload all your supporting images too. It allows you to save, add, edit and change your entry right up to the point you decide to submit it to us.

In each category description there’s also a link to see the exact questions you’ll be asked on the entry form.

If you have any queries regarding your entry, please contact Tracey on (020) 8515 2113 or [email protected]. Good Luck

Why enter?

They’re the original, the biggest, and the most sought-after awards in the kitchen and bathroom sector – but if you’re still wondering whether to have a go, here’s a few reasons why this could be your year…

Welcome to this quick guide to putting together a great entry for the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards 2024.

Putting your business forward for the biggest awards competition in your industry is a brave step but just remember that the rewards for doing it and getting on that shortlist are potentially huge so it’s more than worth the effort.

In case you need the final push, here’s just a few reasons why being a finalist or winner in the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards can boost your business, your people and your bottom line.

It’s a great marketing opportunity

Entering these awards gives you a fantastic chance to tell all your existing and potential customers about your skills, your business and its achievements. Being shortlisted, and maybe even winning, is something to shout about on your website, social media and all your local marketing – plus of course you could get a trophy to put in pride of place in your showroom.

It lets everyone know you’re the expert

Any local business thrives on its reputation and being shortlisted, or even winning, an award boosts that standing immeasurably. It’s an impartial and unbiased endorsement of your expertise and knowledge and this independent view carries huge value with any potential customers researching your products and services.

You can stand out from your competitors

All retailers need to differentiate themselves from their competitors and that’s especially true for independent retailers up against local rivals, big multiples or online dealers. An award nomination or trophy gives you that extra edge and unique selling point that could be the difference between a customer buying from you or them.

It’s a great boost for your team

If an independent retailer sells itself on expertise and service then that can only come from the people who work there. While you surely always heap praise on them for their contribution, getting that nomination or trophy from industry peers can only boost their confidence and morale.

Build a great team

If the quality and expertise of your team is a vital part of a successful business then you need to make sure you’re attracting the best people. Everyone wants to feel proud to work for companies with great reputations, and independently judged awards validate those credentials to potential employees as much as to potential customers.

Benchmark your business

The entry process for the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards is an invaluable chance to get an independent and expert appraisal of your business or skills. It gives you the opportunity to take a step back and define what your strengths and abilities are. If you hold your business or skills up against peers, how well do you think you’d do?

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The judging process for the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards is like no other in the industry.

We have always believed that awards are only worth winning if people truly feel they have been fairly and accurately judged in a process that is transparent and comprehensive.

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